Commission Hand Painted 200mm Resin Military Figure Drummer 44th Regiment Waterloo Produced By Loggerheads Military Studio


The process allows you to become fully engaged with the design and development of a bespoke piece of artwork. It is possible and simple to commission a piece please use the contact form to discuss your needs with Loggerheads Military Studio.

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Recent Commissioned Pieces

Trooper 2nd North British Dragoons (The Scots Greys) 1815

Sappers Of The Imperial Guard Drummer

Polish Lancer and French Cavalry

Parachute Regiment Drum Major

Nelson Trafalgar 1805 – The Last Letter

Mounted Napoleon Military Figure

Mounted Knight With Personalised Coat Of Arms

Mounted Household Cavalry

Light Horse Lancers Trumpeter

John Wayne

Harry Hotspur – Battle Of Otterburn 1388

German Emperor 1888

French Lancer Of The Guard 1810

French Hussar 1812

Edward le Despencer with personalised Coat of Arms

Duke Of Wellington

Captain Scott

Australian SAS

120mm English Longbow-man

200mm Drummer 44th Regiment Waterloo

200mm Lieutenant Colonel Douglas 11th Husssar

200mm Officer 95th Rifles Waterloo

200mm Sergeant 95th Rifles Waterloo


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